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Contact Lens Troubles

Please refer the contents below if you are in urgent trouble.

What should we do when we can’t take off contact lens from eyes?

  1. Try to search contact lens
    Please observe your eye carefully and check if the lens in your eye. Contact lenses never go to back side of eyeballs. Try to search lens by moving your eyeballs slowly up and down, left and right with looking in a mirror. When you can’t find lens in your eye, you may have dropped off lens. Even in that case, you still need to go to hospital to make sure there’s no problem.
  2. In the case lens sticks to eye
    Please apply an eye drop if you have one. If you don’t have any, just close your eyes for a while and moisten your eyes with your tears. When the lens places in the center of cornea, please try again to take off lens in usual way. In the case still you can’t take off, please hold down eyelid gently with your eyes closed and move your eyeball to the side of ear. And then, lens will come rising up. If the lens does not come off even with those, please try to blink in the water filling washbowl.
  3. Please consult Shinjuku-Higashiguchi Eye Clinic
    If you can’t take off lens with all effort, you need to see doctor. Please contact us when there remaining hyperemia or pain.

Things to prepare when you come to our clinic

  • Health insurance card
  • Contact lens data you use
  • Eye drops usually you use
  • Appointment will make your consultation smooth

When you miss contact lens in your eye

You have no idea if there remain contact lens or already come off. At first don’t be confused, look into the mirror and confirm if the lens is there. When you can’t find, please move your eyeballs up and down, left and right to search on the white of eye or edge of the eyelid. Contact lenses never go to back side of eyeballs structurally. If you see clearly with one-eye hidden, there may remain the lens on your cornea.

You can’t find lens even though there is foreign body sensation Look to opposite side which you feel foreign body sensation and search the contact lens. Try to blink in the washbowl filled with water. This procedure might improve your foreign bode sensation by washing away the pieces of contact lens. Please don’t try to remove contact lens forcibly. There sometimes causes scar on your eye if you scratch them.

Things to prepare when you come to our clinic

  • Health insurance card
  • Contact lens data you use
  • Eye drops usually you use
  • Appointment will make your consultation smooth

How to deal when lens cleaning solution get into your eye…

First aid
Rinse your eyes with a lot of water and see the ophthalmological doctor immediately bringing the package of solution.

Soft lens solution
Multi purposes solution don’t hurt your eye because concentration of disinfection ingredient is low.

On the other hands, soaking-disinfection type sometimes occur injury to your eyes if they come into eyes.
Most of these solution contains hydrogen peroxide as a disinfection ingredient. Hydrogen peroxide is an ingredient which is used as oxidizer or bleaching agent. It has strong effect to disinfection so it causes pain if it comes into your eye without neutralization. In worst case, it causes serious eye disease and even losing eyesight. So it is necessary to neutralize solution before wearing lens.

Hard lens solution
Many of solution for hard lens contain surfactant and enzyme. Surfactant is an ingredient which is used for detergent. They also can cause cornea disease if come into eyes.

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