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Uveitis is inflammation of a part of the eye called the uvea. The uvea (pronounced “You-Vay-Uh”) is a layer of the eye made up of three parts. These are the iris, the ciliary body, and the choroid.
Uveitis can occur in one eye or both eyes. Inflammation of the uvea may involve other parts of the eye, or any part of the eye, including the cornea (the clear, curved front of the eye), the sclera (the white outer part of the eye), the vitreous body, the retina and the optic nerve. Anterior uveitis is localized primarily to the anterior segment of the eye and includes iritis (inflammation in the anterior chamber alone) and iridocyclitis (inflammation in the anterior chamber and anterior vitreous).
Intermediate uveitis (peripheral uveitis or chronic cyclitis) occurs in the vitreous.
Posterior uveitis refers to any form of retinitis, choroiditis, or inflammation of the optic disk.
Panuveitis (also called diffuse uveitis) implies inflammation in both the anterior and posterior chambers.

Signs of Anterior Uveitis

1 Sensitivity to light or glare.
2 Pain, tenderness or redness in or around the eyes.
3 Difficulty focusing on near or distant objects.

Signs of Intermediate and Posterior Uveitis

1 Blurred vision.
2 Difficulty focusing on near or distant objects.
3 Floaters.


Treatment of uveitis will depend on the type of uveitis, how serious it is and the cause. Some cases will clear up with the use of eyedrops. Others may need steroid injections into the eye.
The aim of treatment is to:
control the inflammation,
relieve any pain,
treat any underlying condition, and
treat any complications that may cause visual loss.

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Doctor career

Director:Yasuhiro Shinkawa

(Registered Recipient of a Diploma of Ophthalmology)


Japan Ophthalmological Society
Japanese Retina and Vitreous Society
Japanese Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons

Certification of Completion

Course of Ophthalmic PDT Study Group
Number of cataract surgery up to the present:About 4000


2001 Graduate-Medical Department of Kumamoto University
2002 Department of Ophthalmology Kyoto University School of medicine
2002 Shimada Municipal Hospital
2008 Japanese Red Cross Society
2010 Kitano Hospital The Tazuke Kofukai Medical Research Institute
2014 Shinjuku-Higashiguchi Eye Clinic


Doctor:Fumiyo Hasegawa

(Registered Recipient of a Diploma of Ophthalmology)


Japan Ophthalmological Society
Japan Ophthalmologists Associasion
Japanese Association for Strabismus and Amblyopia(JASA)


1992 Graduate- Medical Department of Teikyo Univercity
2002 The head ophthalmologist at International Catholic Hospital
2020 Shinjuku-Higashiguchi Eye Clinic

Main Thesis

Sequelae of ocular trauma in schools.(Japanese)
A case of periodic upper and lower strabismus with loss of periodicity after cataract surgery(Japanese)
Quantitative analysis of eye movement during a cover test for patients with intermittent exotropia(Japanese)

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