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For  beginners

There are many beginners in this clinic

You can choose from various kind of lenses, and our specialized staff (ORT) would support you in choosing the lens safely.

Don't worry if you can't master how to wear contact lens on the first day!

You can get advice and practice without additional charge until the prescription expires.

Advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses


・It has wider vision than glasses, so it is suitable for sports and exercises.
・It does not fog up.(e.g.when eating hot dishes)
・It gives you brighter impression, compared to the glasses which covers your face.
・No heaviness on your nose.
・It is easier to correct the eyesight for those who have strong myopia.
・It is easier to correct the vision even if you have big differences of eyesight between both eyes.
・No need to be worried of your glasses getting wet on a rainy day.
・You might be able to get contact lenses if there is a free distribution in a disaster, if you remember the data.(Glasses have to be the right combination.)


・You need to take care of them properly. Otherwise, it might cause eye diseases.
・You cannot wear contact lenses when you have certain eye diseases.
・You need to practice and learn how to put in and take out contact lenses.
・Some people cannot adopt to contact lenses(e.g. because of the allergy, etc)
・It takes time to wear contact lenses compare to glasses.
・You need to see the doctor regulary for the checkup.
・You must take it off before you get sleep.

Wearing schedule

・Do not wear the lenses beyond time period directed by the doctor.
・Follow the standard wearing schedule, and do not overuse the lenses.
・If you stop wearing contact lenses for more than a month, resume wearing them as doctors' instruction.

For those who are under the age of 20.

Agreement form is required if you are the under age of 20, and willing to use contact lens for the first time.

Those who cannot wear contact lenses.

Doctors might not prescribe the contact lenses due to following reasons.

Example1. Eye diseasses

You cannot get the prescription if you have acute/sub-acute inflammation or infection, uveitis, corneal hypoesthesia, eyelid abnormality, ectocornea defect, dry eye, allergy, and any other diseases determined as improper for wearing contact lenses.
Especially the uveitis patients hardly can wear the contact lenses because the disease occurs inside of the eye, takes time to treat and has high risk of recurrence.

Example2. Lifestyle

Be sure to obey the instruction by the doctor, care the lenses propery, and get the regular checkup if you would like to get the presctiptiion.
In addition, some people constitutionally cannot wear contact lenses, feeling uncomfortable with them as foreign objects. In thos case, glasses woyld be rocommended , however, you can consult us if it is really necessary.

Example3. Living/Work environment

Contact lenses are extremely delicate, and not resistant to the dryness. Their substances are sometimes affected by chemicals too, so that people work under such circumstances might not be able to use contact lenses.

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Doctor career

Director:Yasuhiro Shinkawa

(Registered Recipient of a Diploma of Ophthalmology)


Japan Ophthalmological Society
Japanese Retina and Vitreous Society
Japanese Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons

Certification of Completion

Course of Ophthalmic PDT Study Group
Number of cataract surgery up to the present:About 4000


2001 Graduate-Medical Department of Kumamoto University
2002 Department of Ophthalmology Kyoto University School of medicine
2002 Shimada Municipal Hospital
2008 Japanese Red Cross Society
2010 Kitano Hospital The Tazuke Kofukai Medical Research Institute
2014 Shinjuku-Higashiguchi Eye Clinic


Doctor:Fumiyo Hasegawa

(Registered Recipient of a Diploma of Ophthalmology)


Japan Ophthalmological Society
Japan Ophthalmologists Associasion
Japanese Association for Strabismus and Amblyopia(JASA)


1992 Graduate- Medical Department of Teikyo Univercity
2002 The head ophthalmologist at International Catholic Hospital
2020 Shinjuku-Higashiguchi Eye Clinic

Main Thesis

Sequelae of ocular trauma in schools.(Japanese)
A case of periodic upper and lower strabismus with loss of periodicity after cataract surgery(Japanese)
Quantitative analysis of eye movement during a cover test for patients with intermittent exotropia(Japanese)

We have 7 full-time service orthoptist, 2 part-time orthoptists, 1 full-time nurse and 4 part-time nurses in our clinic.
Another several ophthalmologists are working here.