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Dry eyes

Treatment for Dry eyes syndrome(DES)

Dry eyes can be caused for some reason, which are decreased tear production, increased tear evaporation and an imbalance in the makeup of your tears. Basically eye drops are effective for these symptoms and, there are another remedies depends on what’s causing your dry eyes

1. Imbalance of your tear volume

    • Artificial tear drops
    • Eye drops
      • Hyalein ophthalmic solution,
      • DIQUAS ophthalmic solution,
      • TEARBALANCE ophthalmic solution,
    • Tear duct plugs

      Tear duct plugs can decrease your eye dryness inserted them into your tear ducts. This increases the eye’s tear film and surface moisture to relieve dry eyes. In our clinic. Three general types of tear duct plugs are available.

      • Superflex Plug

        Superflex Plug
        They are made of silicone. It has a wide range of size, so it fits with various lacrimal point size of each patient. They are superior in comfort and retainability.
        There are four tear ducts, one each on upper eyelid and bottom eyelid of both eyes. Despite people who has serious symptoms of dry eyes syndrome, plugs are usually placed on the bottm tear ducts. It could cause some problems by covering all tear ducts, since tears also help removing dust and other foreign matters. Also, it could make your eyes teary, and produce discharge.
        Medical device approval number: 21200ZY00283000
        Manufacturer: EAGLE VISION
        Importer and distributer: White Medical Co.,Ltd
        They have a large market share with a good reputation in comfort and retainability.
      • Keeptear

        They are made of collagen.
        They are liquid at first, but it solidifies due to body temperature. Since they are liquid, they are easy to fill the tear block, but once they change into gel, it blocks your tear duct with less irritation.

        The major component is water soluble collagen. It will eventually melt into your body.

        Therefore it is only effective for 2 months (there are individual differences, but it works for 7 months in average), but it is more comfortable and easier to try for people who wants to try punctal plug for the first time.
        Topical eye anesthetic will be used before inserting the plug into tear duct with a filler.

        Medical device approval number: 21900BZZ00027000
        It has a good reputation among collagen plugs.
      • Punctal Plug F

        Punctal Plug F
        The head of plug is designed to be hypodermic shape so that it makes easier for doctors to insert an object without measuring a size of lacrimal punctum.

        Besides, the plug is preliminarily set at an inserter in order to make it easier to put an inset in lacrimal point and reduce a posssible risk of being buried.

        Medical device approval number: 22100BZX0109300

Estimate cost

New Patient 1plug 2plugs
(Both eye)
(Both eye)
(Both eye)
Super Flex (Silicone) ¥5,190 ¥8,440 ¥9,790 ¥11,140
Collagen Plugs ¥8,440 ¥11,140
Punctal Plugs (Silicone) ¥5,190 ¥8,440 ¥9,970 ¥11,140


Return Patient 1plug 2plugs
(Both eye)
(Both eye)
(Both eye)
Super Flex (Silicone) ¥3,600 ¥6,840 ¥8,190 ¥9,550
Collagen Plugs ¥6,840 ¥8,190
Punctal Plugs (Silicone) ¥3,600 ¥6,840 ¥8,190 ¥9,550


2. Imbalance of quality in your tears

  • Artificial tear drops
  • Eye drops
    • Hyalein ophthalmic solution,
    • DIQUAS ophthalmic solution,
    • TEARBALANCE ophthalmic solution,
  • Hot fomentation
    Hot fomentation is a treatment to heat your eyes with a machine called Eye-Hot in order to secrete your tear and that will make proper mixture tear oil.
  • Meibomian gland expression or enucleating
    Your tear oil occasionally sticks in your tear duct and it cause sties. To prevent the diseases, pressed Meibomian gland is effective to remove stuck tear oil.

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